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We are a TXMAS approved vendor and can provide "Buy American" certificates for anyone purchasing equipment with funds from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.

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Early childhood is a time of discovery and growth as children are busy learning about the world and developing motor skills. We've put together a collection of products that suits their needs.

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At daycares and church playgrounds all over the country, wherever children gather, they learn and play at the same time. We can help nurture kids with both activities through our fun learning environments.

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Featured Project
Featured Playground Park Place Recreation Designs, Inc.

Photo by Rick Kelly – Valley Morning Star

Park Place Recreation is proud to partner with the City of Harlingen to design and build three all-inclusive playgrounds, the first of their kind in the Rio Grande Valley.

The playgrounds will benefit over 18,000 children in the area. The first one, The Koppel All Inclusive Playground at Lon C. Hill Park, opens soon with the others to follow over the next couple months.

Javier Mendez, Harlingen’s Parks and Recreation's Director says, “We’ve designed it so that a person in a wheelchair can get to the playground and get to the 8-foot deck without having to get out of the wheelchair. There are several components along the way so they’ll be able to play. They can play with their peers, they can play with their parents. If their parents are in wheelchairs, they can get up on the playground as well.”

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