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Smart Play - How Technology Can Enhance the Playground Experience

Posted by Park Place Rec Content Team on Apr 5, 2017 10:38:06 AM
It’s no surprise that kids these days are spending more and more time with technology. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The next generation of developers, coders, engineers and entrepreneurs are learning how to use the technology that will shape our future. It’s integrated into their daily lives and found everywhere, from school to home to social activities. How many of us have asked a kid for help with a TV remote, iPhone or social media? Guilty!
However, we also know how important outdoor play is for children. Not only do they need daily physical activity, but the unstructured play time helps develop creativity, cognitive and social skills. 
The exciting thing is that today, it doesn’t have to EITHER technology OR the playground. With the latest advances in smart play the two can come together for an enhanced playground experience. 
From the Sofa to the Playground 
Smart play involves incorporating specifically designed apps to enhance the outdoor play experience. One company leading this change is Biba, which creates mobile game apps specifically designed to interact with playground equipment. These games encourage children to have fun and be physically active at the playground, incorporating the thrill of a challenge and love of technology into outdoor fun. 
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How Does it Work?
Biba offers several free app games that can be downloaded by a parent. These games are specifically designed for children ages 3-9, and cover topics that interest them. Examples include, “Dino Dig,” “Batter Up,” “Butterfly Bounty” and “Shake Charades.”  Parents and kids can play together.
biba smart play app
  • Smart Play Benefits - Incorporating technology into the playground has many benefits, including: 
  • Kids Play Longer – Because the games are challenging and fun, studies show that children play longer when technology is incorporated. They’re engaged. 
  • Social Skills – Children benefit socially when they are encouraged to get outside and interact with other children. Face-to-face interaction and playing games teaches them teamwork and provides an opportunity to practice those all-important social skills. 
  • Data & Analytics – Biba helps gather data that can help a community, HOA or school make adjustments as needed. Privacy is taken seriously, but the aggregate data can provide valuable information such as peak play time, how weather affects attendance and the visitor demographics. Popular parts of the playground and length of time playing can be evaluated.  This provides important tools for future playground funding.
If you are interested in learning more about smart play or would like to discuss Biba’s technology, contact us directly today. 

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