Designing Your Perfect Play Space

At Park Place Recreation Designs, we love seeing children enjoy a brand-new custom playground. We also love taking someone’s “high in the sky” idea for a community playscape and turning it into a unique play environment that is perfectly designed for all visitors to enjoy for years to come. Here’s how we do it.

Site Visit

The first step is a thorough analysis of your proposed site to gather measurements for all equipment, clearances and protective areas; determine any physical constraints; and get a feel for the required capacity and potential usage patterns of the area.

We also determine any ground and drainage preparation that is needed before construction can begin.


Whether you select from the more than 100 predesigned play systems we have developed for maximum play-ability, or we work with you to create a custom Destination Playground, we will help you bring out the best in your vision and offer additional options from our decades of experience.

We plan down to the smallest details, such as the most effective color options for your environment. We also provide complimentary color renderings to help visualize your unique space.


By working with one company from design through installation, you eliminate the chance for mis-communication between designer and contractor. Since the 1990's, we've worked with the same dedicated construction and installation crews; they know our product backwards and forwards.

Our turn key installation service means one point of contact, and reassurance that your playground will be installed in compliance with safety guidelines and requirements. Your playground is an investment, and proper installation ensures it can be enjoyed for years to come.