Freestanding Shade Adds Variety, Additional Protection to Your Playground

Fashions come and go, but beet-red and overheated is never a good – or safe -- look for anyone at your playground. Freestanding shade structures help kids keep their cool by offering protection not only while they play but in much-needed moments of rest, as well. And this means all visitors – from the kids playing to the adults overseeing them – are comfortable spending longer lengths of time in the healthy, imaginative play that kids so desperately need.  (Not to mention the comfortable socializing that adults crave!)

Freestanding shade options include canopies, awnings, and other customizable configurations. They can be made big enough to cover an entire playground or small enough to cover a single bench, featuring center posts, corner posts, or even cantilevered designs. And they’re available in a variety of architecturally designed, durable fabrics and colors that block up to 98 percent of UV rays and create shade 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding area.