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The best playgrounds are safe, inviting, long-lasting spaces that welcome the whole community. Browse our selection of commercial playground equipment to help you plan the perfect outdoor space for your project’s unique needs.

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Inclusive Play

Ensure your playground is fun, safe and easily accessible for every child.

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Sensory Friendly

Provide stimulation for all the senses for kids who want the experience, and safe refuges for those who don’t.


Park Fitness Equipment

Furnish your park with various forms of fitness equipment, from basketball goals and volleyball nets to obstacle installations.

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Playground Structures

Playground Structures

Kids meet, learn and healthfully stretch their limits at our safe, durable, and inspiring “home bases”.

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Our loose-fill and unitary options for playground safety surfacing are safer and more durable from the ground up.

Shade (reduced)


Our long-lasting, architecturally designed shade structures, shelters and pavilions protect generations of visitors.

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A purchasing cooperative between national and state school boards to streamline the buying process for schools, municipalities and other public entities by offering bulk discounts & online shopping


Since 1927, the leading designer and manufacturer of playgrounds that surpass the highest national standards for safety, accessibility and reliability.

Wabash Valley

Everything you need to furnish your outdoor community space with style, color and the highest levels of functional reliability.


Why should kids have all the fun? Build in adult recreation options to promote universal accessibility, fitness and community building – not to mention individual well-being.

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Why Kids Need Unstructured Play to Thrive

By Lauren Ahrens | January 15, 2020

We all want our kids to grow up safe, happy and successful. But in the dogged pursuit of their future prosperity, we often deprive them of the chance to play on their own. And while it looks like an indulgence to spend time goofing off when they could be learning a foreign language or building AI robots, playtime may actually be essential for developing the skills that’ll help children flourish as adults.    … Read More »Why Kids Need Unstructured Play to Thrive

Outside Now, Happy Later: Nature’s Effects on Kids’ Long-Term Development

By Lauren Ahrens | December 16, 2019

As parents, educators and leaders, we want to prepare kids to thrive in a world that moves fast. They’ll need resilience, grit and agility to handle the unpredictable curves ahead. And the kids who spend as much time as possible out in nature may get a leg up on future success.    How Outdoor Play Helps Kids Grow… Read More »Outside Now, Happy Later: Nature’s Effects on Kids’ Long-Term Development

Playground Renovations: Small Updates Mean Big Transformations

By Lauren Ahrens | December 2, 2019

A school playground renovation is not just about updating its appearance and compliance (although, obviously, these are important elements). Updated installations that provide physical and cognitive challenges may help students’ academic performance; parents appreciate well-maintained and safe surfaces and equipment and your administrators expect low-maintenance, budget-friendly results. And any playground renovations need to achieve all… Read More »Playground Renovations: Small Updates Mean Big Transformations