Engineered Wood Fiber: The Classic Playground Safety Surface

Engineered wood fiber mulch – also known as playground wood chips and playground mulch – contributes more than perhaps any other element to the classic definition of a playground. Due to its pale golden color, satisfying crunch underfoot, and even its fresh, woodsy scent, few adults today can conjure up playground memories without including it. And when they encounter engineered wood fiber today, they are immediately transported back to their own childhoods.

Of course, even this classic loose-fill surface has improved with the times to ensure our children’s safety. Today’s engineered wood fiber is made of 100-percent virgin hard- and/or softwoods and specifically manufactured to be randomly sized, non-toxic, clean, certified non-flammable, and subject to related standards set by the American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM). And it’s so reliable it’s warrantied.