Breathe New Life Into Your Community Through Playground Renovation

Few environments crackle with fun and enthusiasm like a freshly updated playscape! Make sure your playscape remains the heart of your community with our renovation program.

Any playground renovation, from minor updates to a full overhaul, begins with the goal of improving safety for all visitors. Our needs assessment program is a crucial part of the renovation process, providing you with a comprehensive review of your play area and letting you know what areas need to be addressed from a safety and liability standpoint. This allows you to prioritize needs and address them over time as they fit into your budget.

The next step is to determine what playground renovations will best suit your park visitors and your community. This planning stage includes answers to such questions as what is the desired outcome of the renovation? What are the characteristics of the children the space is to be updated for? Does the space need better amenities for certain ages, or some inclusive design elements? What benefits do you hope to bring to the whole community?

Once safety concerns are addressed, in many instances, only a few elements of a playground require updating. New life can be breathed into current installations by replacing dated modules with the latest designs or fueling the imagination with new colors and more variety. Adding shade can ensure your playground is used year round even during those hot South Texas summers.

Don’t forget the surfacing! That South Texas sun can be hard on Engineered Wood Fiber surfacing, which requires yearly maintenance and additional fill to stay in compliance with safety standards. It may make sense to replace your current surfacing with longer-lasting, low maintenance synthetic or turf surfaces that save money in the long run. Park Place’s design and renovation team will help you decide which options can enhance your play environment.