Inclusive Playground Equipment Means Everyone Can Play

It should be every playground’s goal that every child who approaches finds something fun to engage them – to encourage them to try new things without fear or intimidation. Ideally, this should be true for any child of any age and any ability, so that they can all play together. To this end, we are pleased to offer a full range of inclusive playground equipment that is safely and easily accessible, provides a graduated range of challenges, and includes sensory playground equipment for multi-sensory experiences.

Other guiding principles of inclusive play are to group similar equipment within the space, establish strong perimeters, offer quiet zones, and create environments that will support different modes of play such as solitary, parallel and associative.

Our inclusive playground equipment is of course ADA compliant – but successful design and installation of a truly inclusive play space is much more than that. We are proud to work with you to develop your best plans for inclusive play in your community.