Maximize Fun in the Sun with Playground Splash Pads

In South Texas, Summer lasts most of the year. Provide opportunities for fun even in the hottest months with our Splash Pad Equipment. No one says it’s too hot to play when the playground includes water! Add the fun, cooling element that will draw kids from miles around all summer long with splash pads, spray parks, or a custom-designed combination.

Our innovative rubber surfacing installations are built from even below ground to be safe, long-lasting, easy to clean, and water efficient: From slip-resistant flooring, to themed architecture and automation, to precisely pressurized water delivery, every aspect gives joy and relief from the heat to your visitors while also ensuring good stewardship of your resources.

Of course, all our splash pads and spray parks are made of the highest quality materials, are ADA compliant, and can be designed to meet your community’s specific needs.