Amenity Centers with Neighborhood Playground Equipment Help Sell Homes and Foster Community

Builders, developers, property management companies and HOAs can better attract buyers and keep residents by providing top-notch amenities for their communities. A strong neighborhood amenity center provides the space for people to meet and develop a sense of community. A great amenity center can help a buyer or resident make a decision about where they want to live.

At Park Place Recreation Designs, we know what it takes to build a top neighborhood amenity hub in South Texas: an exciting playground for the kids, amenities that encourage physical activity for all ages, and a pavilion for gatherings and neighborhood socializing.


Customize your hub with a theme that complements your development or a color scheme that features your avian residents from our Birds of South Texas palettes. Expand the use of your facilities with shade structures and a splash pad to beat the heat!

For some inspiration, browse our samples of neighborhood amenity centers on our Projects page. You’ll see a wide variety of installations, including Calallen Apartments and Tres Lagos Island Park