Synthetic Turf: Benefits of grass without all the uncertainty

Today's synthetic turf has more in common with real grass than with your green plastic door mat. It's been upgraded to create a resilient, unitary playground safety surface: With the additional requirement of fall-height rated pads installed underneath, synthetic turf can make your playground the safest place to play. Its durable fibers are both heavier and softer than the landscape turf options; it's UV stable, drains quickly, and maintains a cooler surface temperature than some other playground surfaces. All this makes it a great ADA-accessible option that meets all applicable ASTM standards.

Synthetic turf is as good-looking as it is hard-working. It provides the lush, natural look of grass without all the maintenance requirements such as water, fertilizer, lawn care, etc. It's available in a variety of long-wearing densities and blade heights, as well as customizable colors and designs. And it comes with manufacture warrantees.