Playground Structures Can Be
Fun for All Ages, 2-12

With more schools adding preschool programs on their campuses, it’s no surprise that the concept of an all-ages playground has become very popular. However, developing a play space for kids ages 2-12 does not mean simply adding smaller tables and chairs or lower slides. The structures designed to challenge older children to stretch their muscles and develop coordination can be too intimidating or even unsafe for bodies under age 5.

However, at Park Place Recreation Designs, we pride ourselves on creating designs that are safe for the younger children but still exciting for older children. Our designers build on more than three decades of experience to help you design play zones for different ages and select equipment that meets the needs of your entire student body, ages 2-12.

Schedule an appointment with our design team and let’s explore the possibilities that will make your all-ages playground the perfect fit for your campus, your students and your entire neighborhood.