Your Best Choice for Your School Playground Equipment

Of all the organizations that construct playgrounds, schools might have the most specific needs:

Their playgrounds must be age and development-appropriate, code compliant, and safe for large groups of children playing simultaneously.

They should encourage imaginative play as well as active group play and the kind of social interaction that builds character and leadership skills.

Districts and campuses have well-defined budgetary and operational guidelines that must be met from first playground concept all the way through periodic maintenance and long-term expansion.

Park Place Recreation Designs has generations of experience creating and building school playgrounds with custom playground equipment to meet these needs, as well as children’s needs for the physical activity that helps their bodies and brains grow.

To begin, we perform and complete a thorough needs assessment across your campus – or your entire district – so that you have a full record of which campus playgrounds are out of compliance and in need of repairs or updates. This assessment also includes tiered prioritization of campuses or projects so that all school playground work – be it upgrades, new builds or renovations – can be planned for and completed over time. These customized plans can move forward in phases as your budget or operational parameters allow.

In addition, Park Place understands the importance that little details take on in children’s minds. Your school playground can be customized in a variety of ways, from designing the equipment in school colors and installing benches with the school name to creating a turf surface with the school logo and working the school mascot into concrete structures.

For profiles of our work for other schools, check out the entries in our Projects section, including those for Dilley and Woodridge Elementary. You can also check out our thoughts on age-appropriate play.