Playground Safety Surfacing: Better From the Ground Up

Kids like testing gravity, and they dare to leap farther and climb higher when they know the ground beneath them will help keep them safe. Our loose-fill and unitary options for playground safety surfacing are ADA approved so you can select the surface that best serves your community needs and budget.

Engineered Wood Fiber


Often referred to as playground mulch or playground wood chips, the non-toxic, fire-resistant wood fiber is made of the highest quality virgin wood.


Poured in Place Safety Surfacing


Poured in place rubber provides a resilient, seamless surface made of recycled tires. Being one of the best surfaces for ADA accessibility, PIP also is one of the most popular choices in playground safety surfacing.

Rubber Mulch


These tiny recycled-rubber granules provide a non-toxic, non-staining, and long-lasting safety surface that is available in a variety of colors.

Synthetic Turf


No need to give up on playground grass entirely when today’s synthetic turf options provide a surface as lush and clean as it is safe.