Services: Installation

Denver Heights Park in San Antonio


Full-Service Installation

We have installation crews fully trained in installing Miracle playgrounds and everything else you might have purchased from us, along with the safety surfacing needed to create a safe play environment. Electing to use our installation service ensures that your playground will be built safely and efficiently.

Community Build Program

Playground at La Vernia Park

Alternatively, you can elect to construct your playground using our Community Build Program. This program allows you to save money on installation costs by recruiting volunteers from your organization or community to help build the playground. By choosing to Community Build your playground, you will be hiring an experienced playground installer to come to your site during the days of installation to both teach your group how to build a Miracle playsystem, as well as supervise the work of the volunteers to make sure that both the installation process and the final playground is both safe and fun. We will let you know what steps you should be taking in the weeks leading up to installation, from receiving the equipment from the manufacturer to what kind of tools you should be putting together. The Community Build program is an economical and rewarding way to get the playground of your dreams ready for play.

The Playground at Denver Heights Park in San Antonio (left) and the Playground at La Vernia Park (right) were both built using the Community Build Program. Interested in Community Build? Contact our office for more information: 800.626.0238.

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